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Lesson Navigation IconOnline Guidelines for Academic Research and Writing

Unit Navigation IconThe academic research process

Unit Navigation IconOrganization and project management

Unit Navigation IconLiterature research and application

Unit Navigation IconWriting an academic paper

Unit Navigation IconHow do I create a good poster?

Unit Navigation IconPresentation skills

Unit Navigation IconLearning techniques and exam preparation

Unit Navigation IconBibliography

Unit Navigation IconMetadata


(1) A click on the OLwA logo leads you to the German OLwA homepage.
(2) Here you can choose between the German and English OLwA versions.
(3) Start the OLwA version optimized for mobile devices.
(4) Here you can download an ePub version of OLwA, which you can use on your e-book reader. (no longer available)
(5) If you need a printed version of OLwA, you can download a pdf here.
(6) By clicking on the link you can call up the OLwA search mask.
(7) Browse one page forward ("NEXT") or go back one page ("PREV").
(8) The thumbnails in the continuous text only show a part of the actual image. If you click on the thumbnail, the complete image opens in a pop-up window.
(9) The grey boxes contain examples, special notes and work orders.
(10) A click on the bibliographical references in orange leads you to the OLwA bibliography.
(11) You can use the navigation on the left edge of the screen to call up a specific chapter or subchapter.