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Online Guidelines for Academic Research and Writing

Online Guidelines for Academic Research and Writing

Authors: Norman Backhaus, Pia Bereuter, Rico Tuor and Martin Müller

Technical implementation of this online version: Helmut Flitter and Julian Kissling

Translation: Andrea Heiglmaier and Norman Backhaus


These guidelines are meant as introductory stimulation for those who want or have to deal with a scientific subject in depth. Academic research and writing has been standardized due to the processes of globalization in more than one way. However, this doesn't apply when making quotations in scientific papers, which can vary quite much between disciplines and publications. With these guidelines we hope to contribute to a proper course of studies focused predominantly on the content of papers, lectures, and subject matters instead of any formal requirements. All information is optional and not exhaustive.


We would like to thank all those who have contributed to the publication of these guidelines. First and foremost among these are: Ruedi Koechlin and Philipp Luthiger, whose idea it was to provide students with a first version of these guidelines in 1992. Special thanks to Pascale Herzig-Waldvogel, Michael Kollmair, Sabine Mühlinghaus, Ulrike Müller-Böker, Gary Seitz, Barbara Grossmann, Myriam Steinemann, and Julian Kissling for their input regarding all further editions. Thanks also to Mirjam Röschmann, Lilith Schärer, Susan Thieme, and Sara Landolt for their reviewing skills.

Norman Backhaus and Rico Tuor