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Lesson Navigation IconOnline Guidelines for Academic Research and Writing

Unit Navigation IconThe academic research process

Unit Navigation IconOrganization and project management

Unit Navigation IconLiterature research and application

LO Navigation IconLiterature search

LO Navigation IconSearching in library catalogs

LO Navigation IconSearch options in electronic journals

LO Navigation IconSearch options in libraries and databases

LO Navigation IconUse of literature

Unit Navigation IconWriting an academic paper

Unit Navigation IconHow do I create a good poster?

Unit Navigation IconPresentation skills

Unit Navigation IconLearning techniques and exam preparation

Unit Navigation IconBibliography

Unit Navigation IconMetadata

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Literature research and application

Learning objectives

At the end of this chapter you should have learned the following:

  • You know where you can find scientific literature.
  • You know how to search in a (virtual) library.
  • You know the different ways to read literature and can apply them.
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